Filter Document

Automator for Instagram

Depending on the target, filters can be categorized into two camps: post filters and user filers. Filters are applied to the properties gathered around a post or a user. For example, a post has an author, a count of likes and comments, a publish time, as well as a caption; a user has a username, bio, link, and whether it's private, etc.

In LIKE's filter section, you can combine post and user filters so that only those posts that meet all the criteria will be added to the queue. Avoid using post filters in the FOLLOW or UNFOLLOW section.


By Post Like Count

Filter posts to add to queue by the number of likes a post gets. For example, you can queue up posts to like with:

  • more than 100 likes: like_count > 100

  • less than or equal to 40 likes: like_count <= 40

  • no likes: like_count == 0

  • between 0 and 50 likes (inclusive):

like_count >= 0
like_count <= 50

By Post Comment Count

Filter posts to add to queue by the number of comments a post gets. For example, you can queue up posts to like with:

  • more than 100 comments: comment_count > 100

  • less than or equal to 40 comments: comment_count <= 40

  • no comments: comment_count == 0

By Post Publish Time

Filter posts to add to queue by the time a post was published relative to now (time in seconds):

  • posted less than 1 day ago: time < now - 24 * 3600

  • posted between 1 hour and 1 day ago:

time > now - 3600
time < now - 24 * 3600

By Whether I'm Following the Post Author

Filter posts to add to queue depending on whether the post author is my follower.

  • only like posts by my followers: is_follower

  • only like posts not by those I follow: !is_follower

By Post Caption Inclusion/Exclusion

You can exclude posts that contain any words or phrases you don't want, like this:

caption_exclude('free', 'money', 'add whatever you don't want')

Or, you can choose to only queue up posts that have certain words:

caption_include('OOTD', 'designer', 'instamood', 'whatever phrase or tag you want')

By Post Author Blacklist

If you don't want to like certain people's posts, list them like this:

username_exclude('kendalljenner123', 'gigihadid', 'any_user_name' )


By User Follower Count

Use follower_count to filter users based on the number of followers he/she has. For example:

  • User has more than 1000 followers: follower_count > 1000

  • User has less than 20000 followers: follower_count < 20000

  • User has between 10 and 50 followers:

follower_count > 10
follower_count < 50

By User Following Count

Use follow_count to filter users based on the number of people he/she is following. For example:

  • user is following less than 1000 people: follow_count < 1000

  • user is following between 100 and 200 people:

follow_count > 100
follow_count < 200

By Username Blacklist (Whitelist for Unfollow)

The same as filtering post authors. Use username_exclude to avoid adding any of the listed users to the queue for either FOLLOW or UNFOLLOW:

username_exclude('kendalljenner123', 'gigihadid', 'any_user_name' )

Use it in FOLLOW as a blacklist, in UNFOLLOW as a whitelist

By Keywords in Bio

Use bio_exclude to filter out users whose bio has any of the listed words or phrases:

bio_exclude('sale', 'free giveaway', 'bitcoin')

By Post Count

Use post_count to filter users by the number posts they have:

post_count >= 5

By URL Exclusion

Use no_url to indicate that you only want users who have no URL in their bio section to be added to the queue.

  • Only want those who have no URL in bio: no_url

  • Only want those who have URL in bio: !no_url

By Whether a User Is My Follower

Use is_follower to only add your followers to the queue, presumably for LIKE or UNFOLLOW.

  • Only want my followers: is_follower

  • Only want those who are not my followers: !is_follower

By Whether a User Is Private

Use is_private to filter users who have private accounts:

  • Only add private accounts to the queue: is_private

  • Only add public accounts to the queue: !is_private

By Whether a User is Verified

Use is_verified to filter users who have been verified by Instagram:

  • Only add verified users to queue: is_verified

  • Only add non-verified users to queue: !is_verified


You can mix and match filters to achieve your desired outcome. Make sure each filter takes up one row. Keep in mind that not all filters make sense all the time. For example, it's not necessary to filter out private users in LIKE because their posts won't be visible to you anyway.

Example 1

In LIKE, I'd like to:

  • like posts that are less than 1 day old

  • like posts that have less than 10 likes

  • like posts that have no comments

  • like posts whose authors are not following me

  • like posts whose authors have more than 5000 followers

  • not like any posts by @james, @jane, @jerry, or @jack

time < now - 24 * 3600
like_count < 10
comment_count === 0
follower_count > 5000
username_exclude('james', 'jane', 'jerry', 'jack')

Example 2

In FOLLOW, I'd like to:

  • follow users who have more than 10 posts

  • follow users who have less than 10000 followers

  • follow users who are following less than 300 people

  • not follow anyone whose bio contains "money", "sales", or "free"

  • not follow anyone that is private

  • not follow anyone that has a link in their bio

post_count > 10
follower_count < 10000
follow_count < 300
bio_exclude('money', 'sales', 'free')

Example 3

In UNFOLLOW, I'd like to:

  • not unfollow @maria, @matt, @mike

  • not unfollow my followers

  • unfollow users who are following more than 1000 people

username_exclude('maria', 'matt', 'mike')
follow_count > 1000